Friday Night Lights

The Singapore Night Festival got rained on tonight; luckily a lot of the performances and installations were indoors (in the National Museum and the Singapore Art Museum (SAM), for example, and even inside the Armenian Church).

We started the evening with Follies For É Birds (that use of “é” to replace “the” here is such a major pet peeve that I almost skipped this performance-exhibit thing, but I’m glad I didn’t) at the National Museum. Highlights of the dance included these adorable children playing at feeding time, and the dance number with them in colorful bowlers and ties.

Divine Trees, the Night Lights installation projected onto trees on the lawn in between the National Museum and the Singapore Management University was eerily lovely, as was Dresses of Memory at the Armenian Church.




On our way there we caught William Close play Beethoven’s Fifth on the Earth Harp outside the National Museum.

The Night Lights show on the facade of SAM, Spirits of Nature drew a crowd, too, but it wasn’t as spectacular as previous years’.

There’s more to see at the School of the Arts and the National Design Centre, but the rain got the better of me…but Singapore Night Festival has one more night tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t get rained on again!


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