Think pink

Before this month ends and I completely forget (it’s a busy, busy month!), can I tell you about the coolest design initiative by Xtra?

They’ve put together a collection of fun, lighthearted furniture and accessories in the color of breast cancer awareness (because that’s what this month is).

First up, Ron Arad’s Voido rocking chair for Magis: it’s been ‘transformed’ into the Infinity chair in this lovely hot pink. The Magis Puppy also comes in two shades of confetti-print pink (so tempting to buy a sister for my black Puppy, but where do I put them?). There are a few other items on the collection, like notebooks, but what I’d like to highlight is my friend Erricson’s marble-base lamp. In the sweetest shade of pink (that may or may not be intentionally shaped like an implant), he says it’s inspired by the feminine form and “invites the beholder to caress the lamp with boss hands”.

Anyway, make your way to Xtra at Park Mall to see these lovely pieces till the end of this month…and hopefully you’ll like them, too, and pick something up in support of breast cancer awareness.



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