Hello, I’m still here

First post for 2015! Oh my poor, neglected design blog. But this is about to change.


A couple of days ago, the newspapers reported that Scotts Square was looking quite empty, with tenants not renewing their leases and spaces remaining unoccupied. Pop-up curatorial space K+ is putting two such spaces to good use; we saw K+ featuring Floral Obsession, a garden-y art installation on the ground floor.

 On the third floor was K+ featuring Sokkuan’s newest project, Sadako’s Unfashionable Fashion Diary. 

I couldn’t resist buying the book she made; I got a signed, numbered copy of “Sadako’s diary” that Sokkuan had worked on for the past three years. I remember interviewing her a few years ago, when she designed a mirror celebrating the Bloody Mary for Absolut Vodka. She brought her alter ego doll, Sophie Black, to the photo shoot, which was a hoot. And now I have one of her works, yay!

Find out more about K+ here and Sokkuan here.


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