Hello, I’m still here

First post for 2015! Oh my poor, neglected design blog. But this is about to change.


A couple of days ago, the newspapers reported that Scotts Square was looking quite empty, with tenants not renewing their leases and spaces remaining unoccupied. Pop-up curatorial space K+ is putting two such spaces to good use; we saw K+ featuring Floral Obsession, a garden-y art installation on the ground floor.

 On the third floor was K+ featuring Sokkuan’s newest project, Sadako’s Unfashionable Fashion Diary. 

I couldn’t resist buying the book she made; I got a signed, numbered copy of “Sadako’s diary” that Sokkuan had worked on for the past three years. I remember interviewing her a few years ago, when she designed a mirror celebrating the Bloody Mary for Absolut Vodka. She brought her alter ego doll, Sophie Black, to the photo shoot, which was a hoot. And now I have one of her works, yay!

Find out more about K+ here and Sokkuan here.


From the archives

Some stuff I’ve worked on

Five tabletop gardens, photographed by WL

Indonesian contemporary art and furniture setting, photographed by JLoh

Filipino contemporary furniture setting, photographed by JLoh

Color of 2009: Mimosa, photographed by French

Boy’s desk with blackboard wall inspired by my birthday brother, photographed by WL

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