Choices, choices!

What color to get?

We’re in the market for a new study chair. Space Furniture’s Emeco 111 Navy shipment is coming in. We’re torn between a classic Coke red (and what better way to remind ourselves that the chair is recycled from Coke bottles), a white that will go with everything we have, and a no-maintenance black…and, ooh, the green looks so yummy, too!


Random picks

Some stuff we like (and one we find puzzling) from the Salone Internazionale del Mobile…

Here’s a clue: we like colour, environmentally responsible design, shiny things, interesting details, and comfort! We don’t like gimmicks.

Navy in red and other hues

So one of my favorite chairs ever, the Navy chair by Emeco, is going plastic.

A mainstay of procedural shows like CSI, the Navy chair is made of recycled soda cans. Well, Coca-cola decided they didn’t just want their cans remade into sexy chairs, they wanted the plastic bottles, too. So they got in touch with Emeco, and after a lot of tweaking and testing, the 111 Navy chair is being launched this year.

In plastic. In different colors! How’s that for having your Coke and sitting on it, too?