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Hero worship
This totally eclipses meeting Robert Powell.

We were dumbstruck, starstruck, and he wasn’t even the I’m-a-star-kinda-guy like Karim Rashid or Marcel Wanders (or some architects we know). Oh no, Ken Yeang was self-deprecating, and yet shatteringly brilliant.

Yes, the Ken Yeang.

Of this:

And a lot more other buildings that, even if our only input were to make miniature models or draft purlin details, we would so love to be a part of.

We would have easily given up Architecture school if dad hadn’t brought us to KL to see Ken Yeang’s works that silly summer break when we thought we would much rather study something else.

So, yes, finally hearing his design principles in person, from him…changes things.

Blogged on Dish On Design, June 23, 2009.