Milan Fair: Singapore represent!

A small contingent organised by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) and Design Singapore Council is showing at Zona Tortona, one of the fringe event destinations (actually considered the most critically acclaimed) during the Salone del Mobile Internazionale. Last year, I hobbled my way through Zona Tortona a second day, after parting with my Fair accomplice, because it had all the names worth writing about. I guess the Singapore contingent figured that out, too, because they chose to exhibit here, rather than at Rho Fiera (the fairgrounds).

Part of the contingent, collectively calling themselves Singapore lah! is new Singapore label Hinika, helmed by Australian-born designer Jarrod Lim. “Hinika” takes its name from the Japanese term roughly translated as “someday” – and you can see the wistful, whimsical sentiment in its lovely wooden pieces. Jarrod apprenticed for the likes of Matthew Hilton and Patricia Urquiola, and his craftsmanship reflects that.
Picture 10

Another new Singapore label is Kapsule, from President’s Design Award-winner Kelvin Teo, who is both an interior and furniture designer. He’s got fun statement pieces like Doggy Hart, Pebble Table and Telephone Booth shelf.






Telephone Booth

If you are not immersed in Singapore design culture, and Hinika and Kapsule are your first exposure to it, I can tell you that they are very representative of the young country’s aesthetic: Japanese-influenced in its Zen and modernist sensibilities on one hand, and cheeky-fun, primary colors on the other.


It’s Milan Design Week again

…and while I may not be there this year, I’m keeping tabs (or rather, the PR reps are sending updates) on my favorite designers.

At Spazio Rossana Orlandi, one of the most amazing spaces during Saloni week, Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc is at it again.
Nika Zupanc

Her installation this year:
Sé installation image_Salone del Mobile 2013 (12)

She’s launching the Full Moon lamp for the brand Se:
Sé_Full Moon Lamp by Nika Zupanc_White & Gold_LAPM (5)

Not as dramatic as previous works, but maybe that’s a sign of maturing. I do love her previous works:
This was last year’s installation, which got me started on a rose-gold/copper obsession.

2 bubbles

summer chair table
Summer chair and table

One of her earlier designs, now manufactured by Moooi – the Lolita lamps

Also manufactured by Moooi – the 5oclock chair.

I can’t find my photos of her stuff in Moooi’s showroom at Zona Tortona, and at the Salone Satellite’s anniversary installation last year, but I’ll add them here when I do.

I don’t wish I were there because it’s freezing in Milan now, but I wish I were there just to be immersed in all the beauty of design.